Save Money on Auto Repair

Save Money on Auto Repair 16 May

Owning a car is one of the most expensive aspects of your yearly spending in the modern world. Modern cars require expensive equipment and electronic diagnostics system problems. However, you don’t have to know a lot about your cars and trucks, there are plenty of tasks that can keep a weekend mechanic busy for hours, and save money on repairs and maintenance.

Read the owner’s manual
To get a good start toward putting that money in your pocket, read the owner’s manual firstly. We know, it’s time-consuming, but it’s worth the time. If you read little, make sure you read the Scheduled Maintenance Guide which provides you the suggestion on how and when to best spend your limited budget for car maintenance.

Do the little things
One way to save money is learning how to do the little things yourself.

Dead Battery- Batteries are the center of a car’s electrical mechanism and they don’t last forever. If you find your headlights dimming and it has been few years since you got a new battery, it’s might be time to change. You need eye protection and approved gloves to prevent acid damage from the battery.

Stripped screws- are a nightmare to any repair enthusiast. Stuck hardware occurs when a bolt gets corrosion between the threads. Simply put the rubber band over the screw head and push your drill while you remove the screw. Make sure your drill speed setting is on 1 for low speed.

Washer tanks- are necessary to clean dirty windshields while on the road. The washer fluid helps windshield wipers get rid of rain and dirt. Washer tanks are usually just produced by a few manufacturers.

Oil change- one of the most critical maintenance chores for cars. Your oil will break down and your filter will become clogged with contaminants. Make sure to match the oil’s viscosity to your engine

Maintaining tire pressure- Keeping your tires properly inflated has many benefits. The incorrect air pressure will increase the risk of rolling resistance of your car. To check tire pressure, use best car ramps give you room to climb under your vehicle.

Skip maintenance that you don’t actually need

If you’re under warranty, you may need to complete regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid. Therefore, you need to understand the specific requirement of your warranty carefully.

Get Rid of Your Old Car
I know it’s hard to get rid of our old car, but it’s not going to last forever. The components start to wear out and fail after so many mils and years. The cost of some major repairs often more than the vehicle is worth. It may be the time to get rid of your wheels when you find the cost of repeat and multiple repairs keeping your old car as a money killer. In most case, get rid of your old car when it reaches its 8th birthday.