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Home Decorating Tips 6 Aug

If you are about to begin a decorating project, you will have the greatest chance of success if you plan. The home decorating tips included in this article will help you stay on track, on time, and thrilled with the results. Before you begin, create a file to hold everything you need to complete your project. Start gathering magazine pictures for inspiration and guidance, and to show anyone else on your decorating team.

You can choose from a variety of files, using whatever works best for your personality and organizational style. Expandable accordion files work well so you can keep various subcategories separate. Multiple subject notebooks with pockets will keep like items together while providing plenty of space to make lists, keep a running journal, note questions you need to ask or snafus you want to note for future reference.

If the project is small, you could keep a simple file folder or large manila envelope. Whatever type of file you choose, make sure you can carry it with you when you go to the store or meet someone to go over paint or fabric samples.

Along with your inspirational magazine pictures, you may want to collect carpet and paint samples, floor plans, wallpaper and fabric cuttings, notes from TV shows or store models, and a calendar or planner to keep track of appointments or deadlines.You may also want to include pen and pencils, a tape measure, scissors, sticky notes, and small Zip-Loc bags to carry small samples.In your organizer, include a copy of the floor plan with measurements. Note placement of windows and doors, and other objects such as a fireplace or built in shelves. Break down each wall to show placement of furniture, art, and anything else pertinent to that particular area. You can later use the photos for a before and after montage.

As you gather all pertinent items necessary for your file, you will welcome the clarity good organizational practice provides. Questions will be answered, doubts will disappear, and a firm understanding of the direction you desire to take will guide you every step of the way.Use these home decorating tips as a starting point and adjust them to your circumstances. The better organized you are before you begin; the more satisfied you will be with the home decorating process.

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